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To the people of Gaza Mr. Lapid underscored his desire to help them build a better life and economy, but “we only have one condition: Stop firing rockets and missiles at our children”.,betvictor roulette,Ms. De Mabior reported progress in implementing aspects of the Revitalized Peace Agreement, particularly in the creation of state and national bodies and public financial management reforms,To date, the Regional Response Plan for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela, remains severely under-funded, with close to 79 per cent of funding requirements (US$ 580 million) still unmet..

“The UN in Syria reminds all parties of their obligation under international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians,” said the agencies, calling also for unrestricted humanitarian access to enable aid workers reach people in need with care, food and medical support.,Mr. Holmes cited preventing and ending internal displacement as the two key areas that require concerted action by all stakeholders. Investment in disaster risk reduction strategies, better preparedness and early warning mechanisms has been proved to reduce the scale of displacement in natural disasters, while the international community must act to ensure parties to conflicts adhere to international law ensuring prevention of arbitrary displacement.,Humanitarian aid can only be a temporary solution, he said and was pleased to visit the region alongside the UNDP Administrator to help join up humanitarian and development efforts “to save lives, help stabilize the situation, rebuild lives and communities for the future.”,consigli al blackjack.

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UN-SPIDER (Space-based information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response) enables the UN to use space technology in real-life humanitarian settings. The platform promotes the use of satellite data for emergency response and disaster management and develops partnerships and collaborations, particularly with developing countries.,conservative seats betting,More than half of those in need – nearly 4.3 million – are displaced, including about 2.5 million who have fled to neighbouring countries. In addition, there is growing food insecurity, as well as the threat of deadly diseases such as cholera and malaria..

These organizations are providing a “critical lifeline” for scores of civilians, 680,000 of whom received food delivered from Turkey in July alone.,“We need solidarity because inequalities have reached record height… sustainability because we owe it to our children to leave behind a liveable world...[and] science because it offers us neutral evidence for our actions”.,consigli al blackjack,“Further fact-finding missions will be taking place as early as next week and we are putting into place assistance to the internally displaced persons, who are estimated in the tens of thousands,” she concluded..

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The UN estimates that some 400,000 people are trapped in the towns and villages of east Ghouta and Secretary-General António Guterres, who has been calling for the ongoing siege to be lifted, has described the conditions there as “hell on earth.”,Highlighting Mexico’s support for measures to ensure that least developed countries can benefit from multilateral support mechanisms for debt relief, Mr. Ebrard declared that middle-income countries also need support mechanisms to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.  ,UN Secretary-General António Guterres expressed his deep gratitude for the 0 million provided on Tuesday evening by the two donor countries to the Yemen Humanitarian Fund. .

betvictor roulette,Its interventions in 2018 will focus on camp coordination management; displacement tracking; shelter and non-food items (NFIs); water, sanitation and hygiene; health; and protection.,According to UNHCR, fierce clashes between the Congolese armed forces and militias have continued since the end of January. At the same time, insecurity has increased due to violence by new armed groups and entrenched intercommunal conflict, fuelling mass displacement..

“The Secretary-General is deeply saddened by the terrible loss of life and significant damage to people’s homes and the environment caused by the collapse of the dam yesterday in Brumadinho, state of Minas Gerais,” according to a statement issued by a UN spokesperson.,The UN chief emphasized that MINUSCA personnel “enjoy privileges and immunities which are held in the interest of the United Nations”, he said, in line with the 2014 Status of Forces Agreement between the Organization and the Government of the CAR. ,“Last year, the UNHCR response for the Syria crisis was only 50 per cent funded. And so far in 2018, it is only seven per cent funded,” she elaborated, adding that there is nothing more devastating for UNHCR staff than to be unable to help the people..

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“They are not good, to be very honest,” he said, noting the conditions survivors’ faced in the city. “Some of them are even horrendous,” he said, adding that he had gone to a school where 3,000 were crammed into15 classrooms: “The school itself is half-flooded and there are only six toilets for all those people. So it’s not an exaggeration when I say that we are really sitting here on a water, sanitation and hygiene ticking bomb.”,conservative seats betting,Mr. Lowcock fears that unless G20 countries act now, they will face a series of human tragedies more brutal and destructive than the direct health impacts of the pandemic..

In the midst of the catastrophe, relief workers delivering life-saving assistance continue to face considerable challenges, including access to those in need of assistance.,“We see confrontations and proxy wars involving several national armies, a number of armed opposition groups, many national and international militia, terrorist groups, foreign fighters from everywhere in the world – all these creating a bleak panorama of Syria today where there is no military solution to the crisis,” he said,consigli al blackjack,“When conflict develops to this extent, many people have no choice but to flee if they are to have any chance of survival. The only way to enable refugees to return home, and to bring down the overall numbers worldwide, is to end conflicts themselves.”.

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Most refugees heading to Burundi are crossing Lake Tanganyika on small fishing boats, arriving to extremely limited shelter, sanitary facilities, drinking water and food in Nyanza Lac and Rumonge.,betvictor roulette,“With lots of Heads of Government, Heads of State coming, many, many countries represented, that will drive forward our agenda for the next few years,” Mr. O’Brien added, highlighting the importance of strong political will in the action that will be agreed to in the Summit.,Canada, she went on, is committed to ending the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as tackling HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. Last week, Prime Minister Trudeau committed to investing .2 billion in these efforts.;.

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Against this backdrop, he called on the Secretary-General to convene a global dialogue on countering the rise of Islamophobia while simultaneously promoting interfaith harmony.,The Government of Bangladesh has acknowledged and committed to addressing these concerns, while UN and humanitarian partners have set up an emergency preparedness group to co-ordinate these efforts.,Armed extremists, notably Boko Haram militants, have contributed to a decade-long humanitarian crisis in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe (BAY) states, that has spilled over into the Lake Chad region..

betvictor roulette,Yet, solutions are still needed to address other challenges, such as developing a resilient and diversified economy, and supporting the education system.,On Wednesday, Mr. Beasely will travel to Lebanon, which is hosting nearly a million Syrian refugees, 700,000 of whom are dependent on WFP food assistance..

The joint launch was attended by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire and other senior representatives of the Somali Federal Government, as well as the international community, including the Administrator of the UN Development Programme (UNDP), Achim Steiner, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock, World Bank Senior Vice-President Mahmoud Mohieldin, and the European Union.,In that context, he also urged the intenational commnity to support and encourage the former President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, and the current President of Angola, João Lourenço, Mediators of the East African Community ( EAC) and the African Union in the security crisis in the DRC, to continue their good offices.,“We have raised million so far, which has allowed us to help 1.2 million people. Continued support is critical to ensuring that all those in need can be reached,” he said..

In October, the Nobel Committee announced the awarding of its 2018 Peace Prize to Ms. Murad, and Dr. Denis Mukwege of the Democratic Republic of the Congo for his work helping victims of sexual violence in the central African nation.,Addressing the General Assembly at UN Headquarters in New York, Foreign Affairs Minister Mekdad, started by speaking about the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  ,“It is unconscionable that civilians and the aid workers who are trying to help them are killed and maimed in conflict zones with utter impunity,” said Mark Lowcock, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator and Humanitarian Affairs chief..

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The two day High-Level Conference on the Lake Chad Region, was organized in Berlin, by UNDP and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), together with the governments of Germany, Norway and Nigeria.,“Today, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that Canada will sanction those responsible, including Iran’s so-called morality police and its leadership.”,The UNHCR said it could not reach the third affected camp but a local aid agency managed to get there on Friday, before the last heavy downpour that night, and even at that stage they reported 25-30 percent of the mud-brick houses were completely destroyed, with at least 70 percent of families’ food stocks ruined..

betvictor roulette,In the capital, MINUSTAH Police carried out almost 300 security patrols, assisted with 10 humanitarian escorts and provided security for dozens of banks which re-opened for business at the end of last week.,While visiting the destroyed Christopher Hotel, which housed the world body's headquarters in Haiti, he received a UN flag..

Funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA) was cut by the United States at the beginning of this year, which despite a major fundraising drive, has resulted in a critical shortage of services for the local population.,The Government recently announced additional funding for relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction and flood mitigation.,More than 22,000 desperate Congolese refugees crossed Lake Albert to Uganda last week, with four drowning when their boat capsized, the United Nations reported Tuesday, warning that even more lives could be lost on often-perilous lake routes from the conflict-hit eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)..

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Mixed migration also needs to be addressed through the Global Compact for Safe, Regular, and Orderly Migration, Global Compact on Refugees, and the fulfilment of international obligations to generate conditions for people to live in peace, security and dignity in their countries of origin.,And while remarkable progress has been made in the Middle East to combat the scourge, it is far from being eliminated.  ,Against this backdrop, unfavourable weather conditions curbed Southern African cereal outputs so far this year, heightening food insecurity, while abundant rains in East Africa boosted production but resulted in localized flooding..

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betvictor roulette,The Prime Minister maintained that “Pakistan desires peace with India, as with all its neighbours”, but sustainable peace is “contingent upon resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute”.,The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) remains on an “epidemiological knife-edge” regarding the spread of deadly Ebola disease, despite the quick response by authorities and international partners to the threat, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday..

“[So] if you don’t provide that kind of food assistance now – to kind of bridge that gap – people who have been living off foraging in the forest, they will suffer, and the most vulnerable will die first. Children will die first. And that’s a fact,” he warned.,This would focus on meetings among the stakeholders represented by relevant military and political institutions to facilitate an agreement on effective guarantees to maintain the political process and conduct free and fair elections with results acceptable by all Libyans.  ,Mr. Ruto went on to lament the failures of multilateralism, with regard to Africa, remarking that the last time that Africa was the focal point of strong and effective multilateral consensus was during the Berlin Conferences of 1884-1885 [which led to imperial European powers effectively divided up much of Africa between them]..

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Since the year began, an overwhelming 77.5 per cent of more than 57,000 refugees displaced by the violence in eastern DRC are women and children, according to the ageny.,That’s why we are stepping up our response,” he added, “through ongoing measles vaccinations in health zones affected by measles outbreaks, as well as through our continued support for Ebola vaccinations in both the DRC and neighbouring countries. We cannot allow this needless suffering to continue.” ,In conclusion, he said: “The challenges facing Iraq today are the result of decades of political crises and conflict. We are working to dismantle them, placing our hopes on our young society’s aspiration to defend democracy. Our nascent democracy still has a spirit of courage and hope. It needs the understanding and support of the international community so that we can continue building the modern State, providing service and reconstructing infrastructure destroyed by wars and rebuilding infrastructure destroyed by wars..

betvictor roulette,The pandemic forced last year’s debate to be held almost entirely virtually, but the 2021 session is being held in a hybrid format, combining in-person and virtual participation. ,Furthermore, the fight against the terrorism threat in Western Asia and the Sahel region in Africa must also continue, while the international community “must be absolutely unequivocal” on Iran’s nuclear programme..

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Through a Presidential Statement agreed this evening, the Council also welcomed the recent visit of UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson to CAR ahead of the international conference. Mr. Eliasson will participate in the Conference, co-organized by the European Union (EU), the CAR Government, the World Bank and the UN. It aims to raise funds for recovery and peacebuilding initiatives in CAR.,casino mit trustly,“With numbers growing, public services such as health care and sanitation are becoming stretched,” Mr. Spindler said.,“The initiatives we are undertaking with the EU and our African partners represent a new chapter in migration cooperation,” underscored Mr. Ambrosi..

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“That’s what the work of the General Assembly tries to guarantee,” replied Mr. Kőrösi, who sometimes mentions his now adult daughter in speeches, recalling the motivation she has given him to keep pushing for a sustainable transformation in the world.,consigli al blackjack,He said: “in Yemen today, every 10 minutes, a child is dying from diseases that can be easily prevented.”,He said it is estimated that, by the end of 2022, four per cent of Brazilian families will be living on less than .90 a day – down from 5.1 per cent in 2019. In addition, both unemployment and inflation rates have fallen, and Brazil was the fourth largest destination for foreign direct investment in 2021..

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He spoke of vaccine hesitancy amongst his country’s population, underscoring the need to stop “anti-vax misinformation and disinformation” and warned that the pervasive inequalities that defined the pre-COVID political and socioeconomic order “must not become tomorrow's nightmarish reality”. ,court of pro kabaddi in hindi,For his part, General Assembly President Ali Treki said in a statement today that he “salutes the resilience of the people of Haiti whose courage should be matched by the continued commitment of the entire international community.”,“These real-life heroes are doing extraordinary things in extraordinary times to help women, men and children whose lives are upended by crises,” said the UN chief. .

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Some 115,000 Chadians have reluctantly crossed back over the border, since fighting erupted in CAR in 2013, but many of these “returnees” are unable to access basic services and have to rely on humanitarian aid.,casino poker odds,Response efforts have been underway since the Typhoon, known locally as Rolly, struck the archipelagic nation on 1 November, leaving widespread devastation in its wake.  ,He stressed that the Yemeni people are enduring incredible hardship, with 70 per cent of the population – some 20 million people – in need of humanitarian assistance. Additionally, some 400,000 cases of cholera recorded in the past few months have resulted in 1,900 deaths..

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Idlib and other areas, including Afrin and Azaz, are home to some 4 million people, including 3 million women and children, according to Egeland, who is also Special Adviser to the UN Special Envoy for Syria.,The agency is currently focusing on “life-saving operations,” such as ensuring that all children have access to food, water and health care, he told reporters. In addition, it is working with WHO and PAHO to prepare an immunization campaign against measles, tetanus and diphtheria.,In response, IOM is providing emergency assistance to vulnerable populations. It has delivered more than 2,500 transitory and semi-permanent shelters to nearly 13,000 persons; and over 2,700 non-food item packages including hygiene kits, sleeping mats, clothes and basic cooking equipment for over 14,000 persons. .

“The international community cannot spare any effort,” she added. “Violent attacks by armed groups, mostly affiliated to Boko Haram, have increased over the past year and I have seen its direct impact and growing humanitarian needs in the Far North of Cameroon.”,The Turkish President said the initiative to export Ukrainian grain via the Black Sea was the result of diplomatic efforts together with the UN Secretary-General.  ,“Countries that have to be disarmed are rewarded, and countries that have adhered to their commitments are even deprived of the rights contained in the NPT,” said Mr. Raisi, referring to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which seeks to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament..

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An estimated 6,000 Somalis fleeing the fighting in the Beled Hawa area on the Somali side of the border have also entered Kenya during the past 11 days, and there are unconfirmed reports of other refugees stranded in the no-man’s land between the two countries, unable to enter Kenya, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a situation report.,Staff at the UN Mission in Haiti were also affected, and there were 102 UN casualties, including the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy, Hédi Annabi and his deputy, Luiz Carlos da Costa. It was the “biggest single loss of life in the history of UN Peacekeeping,” the then-President of the UN Staff Union, Stephen Kisambira, said at the time.,Also on 26 December, an airstrike on a farm in Attohayta District, Al Hudaydah Governorate resulted in the killing of 14 people from the same family. These new victims are in addition to 84 civilian casualties reported in the last 10 days, including 41 people killed, and 43 people injured by airstrikes in several governorates throughout Yemen..

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In Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Mr. Lowcock, who is also the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, he describes what he saw on the ground in Sudan, and what the UN needs to do going forward.,He added that UNRWA enjoys the full confidence of the Secretary-General and that the agency’s head, Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl, has led a rapid, innovative and tireless effort to overcome the unexpected financial crisis it has faced this year.,500,000 people with health services.

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Under the first phase of the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) project, which is supported by the European Union, 70 community buildings are available to temporarily shelter over 4,500 people.,“I'm pleased to underline that some significant progress has already been made,” he said, referring to the passing of the electoral law, the establishment of an election management authority and the creation of commission to draw up a new Constitution. ,“Either we succeed in our democratic transition through free, fair, and transparent elections, the results of which are acceptable to all ... or we fail and relapse into division an armed conflict,” he said, setting out a host of challenges to the country faces ahead of the polls..

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WFP Executive Director David Beasley spelled out: “WFP is fighting big and complex humanitarian battles on several fronts at the start of 2020”.,“We badly need this for our humanitarian activities in support of the Sahrawis,” he continued. “Chronic underfunding has affected the provision of health, shelter, food and water.”,Vaccines should not be a matter of ideology or politics because saving lives should not be ideological or political, he continued, urging regulations at the national, regional, and international level to authorize various types of vaccines “based on facts, leaving politics out of the equation.”.

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Before the earthquakes, available data indicated that children in Papua New Guinea experience some of the highest rates of violence in Asia-Pacific region.,“Today, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that Canada will sanction those responsible, including Iran’s so-called morality police and its leadership.”,The agency’s 711 schools, providing free basic education for Palestinian refugee children in the West Bank - including East Jerusalem - Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria - will open as planned in September..

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Mark Lowcock, who is also Emergency Relief Coordinator, said that the UN assessment, which revises September’s estimate of 11 million at risk, is based on recent survey work and analysis, and categorizes “pre-famine conditions,” as meaning those who are entirely reliant on external aid for survival.,Of particular urgency is facilitating medical evacuation of critically ill people especially in eastern Ghouta, Foah and Kefraya, as well as other locations, read the statement.,In a statement read out by Sebastiano Cardi of Italy, the President of the Security Council for the month of November, the 15-member body also called on the Government “to restore civilian administration and apply the rule of law, and to take immediate steps in accordance with [the Government’s] obligations and commitments to respect human rights, including the rights of women, children, and persons belonging to vulnerable groups, without discrimination and regardless of ethnicity, religion, or citizenship status.”.

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The already precarious humanitarian and security situation in the country has deteriorated over the past year, worsening even further since the start of 2018. An estimated 687,400 people are displaced within the country, up from 440,000 in 2017, including more than 357,400 children.,The consequences of the Yemen conflict, especially the recent economic crash in the country, have driven major increases in severe hunger and malnutrition, leading to a humanitarian crisis that senior UN officials have called “the largest food security crisis in the world.”,The UN World Health Organization (WHO), for instance, delivered 4.5 million metric tons of medicines and other medical supplies to Belet Weyne, the capital of the hard hit HirShabelle province, on 29 April..

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Moreover, the UN agency has employed 50 Bangladeshi labourers locally, to carry out the work, as part of a wider IOM-supported disaster-preparedness programme.,“[We] remain committed to supporting the Lebanese Government and local communities hosting refugees in their efforts to maintain stability and to continue its support to local communities hosting refugees.”,The ongoing Syria crisis has impacted Lebanon’s social services, infrastructure and jobs..

betvictor roulette,Idlib and other areas, including Afrin and Azaz, are home to some 4 million people, including 3 million women and children, according to Egeland, who is also Special Adviser to the UN Special Envoy for Syria.,“Today, all kinds of questions have been raised about the UN,” Mr. Modi said. “We have seen such questions being raised related to the climate crisis. And we also saw that during COVID-19, the proxy war going on in many parts of the world, terrorism, and the recent Afghan crisis have further highlighted the seriousness of these questions.” .

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