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According to estimates, there are some 925,000 Rohingya refugees sheltering in Bangladesh, most of them in the district of Cox’s Bazar, once an idyllic coastal town, transformed into the largest refugee settlement in the world, in just a matter of months.,best slot on jackpot world,“Defenders in conflict settings are courageous men and women who provide emergency relief, ensure access to civilians and document civilian casualties and violations of international law”, said Michel Forst, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders.,Listing a series of violations that included torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, enforced disappearance of persons, threats and violence against human rights defenders, journalists, and women, the Mexican head of delegation spoke of the need for action from every branch of Government: executive, legislative and judiciary..

“Mexico faces considerable challenges in terms of human rights; we have not come here to downplay them or to deny them,” he said.,“I call on the Government and all the people of Tanzania to stand up for the human rights of everyone in the country, regardless of who they are or whom they love,” she said. “Political, religious and other leaders should work to combat prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”,The country’s lack of speedy trials, and lengthy pretrial detentions were also a matter of concern for the expert, as she called for the release of Kem Sokha, leader of the recently-dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party, who spent a year in pre-trial detention before being freed on bail in September of this year, facing charges of suspected treason.,team india blazer.

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The man, known as Anwar R, was charged with complicity in the torture of thousands of people between 2011 and 2012 in the Al-Khatib Branch of Syrian General Intelligence in the capital, Damascus.  ,team india black ribbon in hand,While such modern-day challenges such as artificial intelligence and climate change are not mentioned in the Universal Declaration, “its precepts are so fundamental that they can be applied to every new dilemma”, the High Commissioner insisted..

On the issue of States including the U.S. allegedly refusing to provide shelter to migrants on the grounds of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, the UN rights office highlighted similar concerns within the European Union.,The Da Afghanistan Bank has more than billion in blocked reserves that could be used to provide desperately-needed humanitarian relief to tens of millions in the country, said the group of experts.,team india blazer,The expert warned that “any criminalisation of journalism, as took place here, serves only to defeat the ability of journalists to inform the public, to ensure open and rigorous public debate”..

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But a shortage of financial support is the greatest problem, illustrated by the fact that a million appeal launched in May to help 160,000 people has raised only one-third of what is required.,Nicholas Tilsen, human rights defender of the Oglala-Lakȟóta Sioux Nation and president of the indigenous-led NDN Collective, is due in court on 18 December, charged with four felonies and three misdemeanours after he and others blocked a road leading to a fireworks celebration event, led by President Donald Trump, which was held on 4 July at the South Dakota site in the Black Hills region.  ,The Universal Declaration also provides protection for specific minority groups, such as those with disabilities and the LGBTI community, Ms. Bachelet continued, quoting from it to highlight how everyone is entitled to all the freedoms it contains “without distinction of any kind such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status”..

best slot on jackpot world,UNAIDS and UNFPA supported the calls of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the open letter of the five UN Nations human rights mandate holders to “suspend the implementation of the revised penal code and urge all governments to protect the human rights of all people”.,“Now is not the time for more rhetoric, it is time for meaningful action”, said Tom Andrews, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar..

Nicholas Koumjian of the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar was updating journalists on its work to collect, preserve and analyze evidence of the most serious international crimes and violations committed in the country. ,They should also respect everyone’s fundamental right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, he continued, adding that the UN rights chief wished to remind them that the “excessive, disproportionate or indiscriminate use of force is clearly and unequivocally prohibited under international law”.,“As representative of 193 States who have different histories, cultures, languages and models of development, but who share the aspiration of coexisting in peace and developing in a sustainable manner,” Ms. Espinosa expressed her confidence that the Forum’s debates “will contribute to create innovative solutions to prevent conflicts, maintain peace and promote reconciliation, acknowledging that diversity is the greatest source of wealth that humanity has.”.

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The resolution, sponsored by Latin American States, extends the mandate of the UN-appointed Independent Expert, Victor Madrigal-Borloz. A Costa-Rican national, he is tasked with investigating attacks on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and gender diverse individuals, bolstered by the resolution’s call for all Governments to cooperate with and assist him in his work.,team india black ribbon in hand,Measuring progress is a complex matter that cannot be examined through numbers alone: for example, an entity that does not report any allegations may not have solid reporting and prevention systems in place.   .

She said all victims deserve redress as well as rehabilitation, given the harm they suffered, while the Church should urgently move to provide them with access to counselling and social support. ,Zeid also reiterated the UN Human Rights Office's willingness to assist Iran in complying with its international human rights obligations regarding juvenile justice.,team india blazer,“The Group of Experts urges all parties to the conflict in Yemen to immediately release all detainees and political prisoners being held in political, security and military detention facilities, official and secret alike, in order to prevent and mitigate the risks of COVID-19 contagion in the whole of Yemen, in line with their obligations under international law,” the panel said..

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Today, almost 700 million people are over the age of 60, a number predicted to rise to 2 billion – more than a fifth of the global population – by 2050. Asia will be the region with the largest number of older persons, and Africa is facing the largest proportionate growth.,best slot on jackpot world,Prior to the new Hungarian legislation becoming law, UNHCR called on the Hungarian Government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban to withdraw its proposals.,In nine out of ten cases the killers go unpunished, and this impunity, say the UN experts, triggers further violence and attacks: perpetrators must be brought to justice, and victims and families should have access to remedies..

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The deadliest countries for journalists, according to the statistics, are Arab States, where almost a third of the killings took place. The Latin American and Caribbean region (26 per cent), and Asian and Pacific States (24 per cent) are the next most dangerous.,So far, 90 people in 11 countries have been located through the urgent action procedure. Those nations are Iraq, Mexico, Morocco, Argentina, Togo, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Mauritania, Bolivia, Cuba and Cambodia. ,“They then received a Presidential pardon, but have simply been transferred from Buthidaung prison (in northern Rakhine province) to a so-called ‘reception centre’,” he explained..

best slot on jackpot world,“The downing of Flight PS752 sadly highlights the insufficiencies of the international conventions related to air safety, both in preventing military actions against civilian planes, and in ensuring proper investigations should they occur”, she said in a statement. ,A Government crackdown against journalists covering the protests is also reportedly underway. At least 26 people are reported to have died, including two security officers..

She went on to describe how the Philippines’ “highly militarised response” to the pandemic had led to the arrest of 120,000 people for violating the curfew and how more than 26,800 people had also been detained in Sri Lanka.,She said the UN system must not fail the country a second time”, she added, citing the 2019 review of UN action in the country, by Gert Rosenthal.,The overall 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan for Cameroon which amounts to 0 million is less than 37 per cent funded..

Most of these detainees had been in the custody of the Attorney General, the US delegation noted in a written submission, also citing “evidence of obstruction of justice and manipulation of evidence”.,The situation of the arbitrarily detained academic “is truly horrific” and that they are “shocked and distressed by the cruel mistreatment”, the experts said in a news release. ,The experts said that, as Iran is a party to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Government has an obligation to respect the right of all persons, including prisoners, to have access to health services. As a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Government has an obligation to protect the right to life..

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by UN Member States in 2015, also aim to serve this purpose by building a peaceful world through economic and social development for all with guaranteed human rights.,The UN chief also voiced concern over reports of human rights violations committed against the population by Government forces, including in the village of Nantaka, on 13 June.,“We call on the Government of the US to release these children from immigrant detention and to reunite them with their families based on the best interests of the child, and the rights of the child to liberty and family unity,” the statement added..

best slot on jackpot world,“UNICEF calls on the authorities in Sudan to prioritize the protection of children and safeguard their rights to education and health in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child” concluded the UNICEF Regional Director.,According to the Safety of Journalists and the Danger of Impunity, a report by the Director-General of UNESCO, only 13 per cent of cases globally involving crimes against journalists were reported “as resolved”, in comparison to 12 per cent in 2019, and 11 per cent in 2018. .

Some US news outlets applauded President Donald Trump’s reprieves, while others saw them as a sign of disregard for the decisions of military juries as well as for the judicial process itself.,Mr. Marcario, an indigenous Mayangna, who was originally from the Autonomous Region of the Northern Caribbean Coast, had campaigned against illegal gold mining and logging taking place in his community, according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). ,“Human traffickers are taking advantage of these vulnerabilities, using sophisticated technology to identify, track, control and exploit victims,” explained the UN chief..

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“Human rights are universal”, reminded Ms. Kanem. “Cultural, religious and moral practices and beliefs, and social attitudes must not be invoked to justify human rights violations against any group regardless of gender or sexual orientation”.,In response to Mr. Banat's case, the Committee has requested that the State of Palestine effectively investigate all allegations relating to the excessive use of force and ensure that all perpetrators are prosecuted and victims fully compensated. ,David Kaye, who’s the United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, made the appeal as he prepared to present his latest report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva..

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best slot on jackpot world,Earlier this month, UN Secretary-General António Guterres condemned a series of brutal sexual assaults on women and girls on the road to the northern town of Bentiu.,The frontrunners in the election are President Emmerson Mnangagwa from the ruling ZANU-PF party and his opponent, Nelson Chamisa, head of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)..

At the Venezuelan border, meanwhile, UNHCR said that thousands of people continue to leave the country, amid the ongoing economic and security crisis. More than three million have done so in recent years.,The experts said they are seriously concerned for the life of Idris Khattak – an activist who worked on a number of reports on disappearances in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas – as he has not had contact with the outside world since he was taken into custody by Pakistani Military Intelligence on 13 November 2019. ,In the vast majority of cases, the culprits remain unidentified, which perpetuates the cycle of impunity..

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The new wave of women representatives taking up their seats in January, indicated several “important steps for diversity,” she said. “They included the first Muslim American Congresswoman, the first Native American Congresswoman, and the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. I hail all powerful women around the world and the model they present to the next generation.”,The development follows a raid on Favela Cruzeiro in Rio de Janeiro in late May, where nearly two dozen people, including children, were killed after security forces reportedly fired indiscriminately.,“Anyone found responsible should be held to account with penal and disciplinary sanctions commensurate to the gravity of the violation. This culture of impunity must end now.”.

best slot on jackpot world,In March 2014, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution calling on States not to recognize changes in status of the Crimea, and last September, a report from the UN human rights office (OHCHR) said that rights had significantly deteriorated under Russian occupation, including arbitrary arrests and detentions, enforced disappearances, ill-treatment and torture.  ,It was signed in the aftermath of World War Two and the Holocaust, when Member States of the young organization drew up an international treaty to prohibit the crime of genocide, which required signatory governments to take all necessary steps to prevent or stop it..

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While the Government claimed these attacks the cause of the current crisis, the UN rights chief explained that this was not possible since “cycles of violence” against the Rohingya “long pre-date ARSA, which was reportedly established in 2013”.,world under nineteen team india,She confirmed that UNHCR staff were also monitoring the situation at “key” border areas. “We are providing assistance to those in need, those who may be crossing the borders,” Ms Throssell explained. “With the mounting tension that we have seen between Venezuela and its neighbours, UNHCR has reinforced its presence along these borders; we are monitoring populations movement and we have been also preparing for any potential change in the number of refugees and migrants leaving Venezuela.”,The High Representative urged the Forum, over the next two days, to take stock of its achievements, identify challenges, and forge new and innovative partnerships “in pursuit of peace, justice and human dignity.”.

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Before that, Zeid had already enjoyed a long and distinguished career, both at the UN and as a Jordanian diplomat. He served his country in several capacities, notably as Ambassador to the United States, and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, with a stint as President of the Security Council in January 2014.,team india blazer,In June 2011, the Provincial Directorate of Education authorized Rubén’s enrolment in a special education centre in the face of his parents’ objections, who also approached domestic judicial authorities, but no effective investigation was conducted. His parents also unsuccessfully challenged the education authority’s decision to enrol him in a special education centre. ,Ramy Shaath and Zyad El-Elaimy were arrested in June 2019 and their names were added to the list last April. .

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“There is no place for child labour in society”, said Guy Ryder, Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO). “It robs children of their future and keeps families in poverty.",vegas online slot games,Speaking to journalists on Thursday in New York, the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General, Stéphane Dujarric, said the Organization continues to follow the situation “very closely.” ,One of the more recent cases concerned  three land defenders from an indigenous community in Chiapas, Mexico, who disappeared on 8 June.  Family members suspected that a paramilitary group, which allegedly acted with the consent of government officials, was involved as the group had threatened, abducted and killed community members in the past. .

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To ensure the safe return of the migrants, IOM coordinates with the governments of the returnees, who receive food and psychosocial support at border crossings. When they arrive at reception centres in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, migrants receive hygiene kits and, in many cases, transportation money to get home.,types of hydro,Today, their minimum wage “only covers 3.5 percent of the basic food basket”, she added, amid “failures in public service” including life-saving healthcare for children.,Moreover, it added that the country also failed to investigate and prosecute those responsible..

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We call on the authorities to take urgent measures to prevent further reprisals – UN rights office spokesperson,Political instability, labour market challenges and limited space for political and civic participation have led youth to becoming increasingly more isolated, raising the need for more safe spaces where they can meet, engage and express themselves.,The Commission also undertook two missions to Geneva and one to Jordan, and held consultations with various stakeholders, including Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations. .

“Saving lives at sea is not a choice, nor a matter of politics, but an age-old obligation,” said Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees. “We can put an end to these tragedies by having the courage and vision to look beyond the next boat, and adopt a long-term approach based on regional cooperation, that places human life and dignity at its core.”,Seventy years after its adoption, the work of the Universal Declaration in encouraging States to provide opportunities for everyone and protecting them “is far from over”, Ms. Bachelet warned.,This year's theme, Coming together with those furthest behind to build an inclusive world of universal respect for human rights and dignity underscores the connection between extreme poverty and human rights. Specifically, emphasizing that people living in poverty are disproportionately affected by many human rights violations..

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“The new wave of violence is the latest manifestation of systemic and sustained deployment of excessive and lethal use of force by law enforcement officials in Brazil,” upheld the independent experts.,They reminded the Government of the importance of keeping a clear and up-to-date record of the names and locations of people who have been deprived of their liberties and stressed that those who face legal proceedings must be guaranteed their right to a fair trial, with all the guarantees of due process.,Although Mr. Assange is not being held in solitary confinement, Mr. Melzer said he was gravely concerned over the limited frequency and duration of lawyers’ visits and lack of access to case files, which make it impossible to prepare and adequate defense..

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The judgement delivered early on Thursday, handed down lengthy prison terms to the guilty and also ordered the Government to pay damages to the victims.,In an appeal to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where the Yemeni men were resettled after their release, the independent experts cautioned that “their forced return (to Yemen would) put their lives at risk”. ,Allegations of extrajudicial killings linked to OLP raids first surfaced in July 2015, the report found, after an operation took place in one of the poorest and most violent neighbourhoods in Caracas, Cota 905, in which 14 people died and 134 were arrested..

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Interruptions of HIV services, harassment, abuse, arrests, deaths and a failure to respect human rights in the early responses to the pandemic have underscored how trust has been undermined, individuals harmed, and public health responses set back, according to a new UNAIDS report launched on Thursday.,“Subsequently, I have undertaken far more work in the context and subsequences of the crimes, and in particular I have reviewed and analyzed the evidence collected in Turkey and elsewhere on the basis of international human rights law”, she said.,I want to reinforce our rock-solid commitment to delivering on people’s rights through the Sustainable Development Goals Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed.

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The Commission identified several overarching issues that lay at the core of most recommendations, such as Israel’s failure to uphold the laws and customs of war, including those of belligerent occupation, violations and abuses of individual and collective rights, and a lack of accountability. ,It demonstrates that justice will prevail, and that impunity should never be accepted for genocide and other atrocity crimes - UN Special Adviser, Adama Dieng,“IOM is coordinating safe and dignified means of transport for them,” it said in a statement. “Migrants wishing to return are counselled and screened by IOM to evaluate their options prior to making the decision to return.” .

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She called for Governments to also do their part, including through protecting children from such abuse. ,Insisting that conditions at Zintan may amount to “inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment” and possibly torture, the OHCHR spokesperson expressed concern that other migrants have been sold into forced labour or to smugglers offering transit to Europe.,UNHCR is also receiving alarming reports from other parts of Darfur about the destruction of villages, sexual violence, and the rustling of livestock.  .

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“Once a State party has subscribed to the Covenant, there is an obligation that those rights are paramount.,Victims were also targeted by the Imbonerakure — the youth wing aligned to the ruling CNDD-FDD party — whose influence is said to have risen “in the repressive machinery which has developed since 2015”.,But he cautioned that the Government’s “heavy-handed response…will only make matters worse for the women, children and men caught in the middle”..

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Among the Special Rapporteur’s recommendations is an appeal to States to adopt domestic safeguards to protect individuals from unlawful surveillance, in line with international human rights law.,As in the 1930s, the Human Rights chief explained, “lies, hatred, scapegoating and dehumanization are on the rise” andgravely threatening the social fabric today.,Ms Shamdasani confirmed that the High Commissioner’s office had spoken “several times” to the Saudi authorities about the Khashoggi case, before underlining her office’s stance on the Saudi Public Prosecutor’s call for the death penalty..

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“We call upon Israel to clearly state that it will allow the full democratic participation of Palestinians in East Jerusalem in the planned elections. As the occupying power in East Jerusalem, it must interfere as little as possible with the rights and daily lives of the Palestinians.” ,They said Narges Mohammadi appears to have contracted the virus in Zanjan Prison, located in the capital, Tehran, where she is serving a 16-year sentence stemming from her work on human rights.,Such a development would “likely amount to forced evictions” and violate the community’s right to housing, Ms Throssell said..

best slot on jackpot world,The poll results also challenge the notion that cyberbullying among classmates is something unique to wealthier schools.,“Rescuers made the brave choice to help in full knowledge of the grave consequences they, their families and community would face should they have been found helping Jewish people” she spelled out..

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