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For the last four weeks, tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have converged on the fence to protest the long-standing blockade of the enclave.,betboo casino,Bishow Parajuli, UN Resident Coordinator and Resident Representative for the UN Development Programme (UNDP), said now is the time to support the southern African nation.,Despite progress made in changing laws, protecting children and helping those impacted by war, more must be done to tackle the scourge, he added..

Tadamichi Yamamoto: There are two things that we have to address. One is that in Afghanistan, the security apparatus or the Government has to really try to increase the credibility of the security institutions by, first of all, trying to reform the institutions in terms of, for instance, the command structure and try to get out of corruption so that people feel more secure about, and have the trust in, the institutions. And also, particularly given the current situation, a lot more work needs to be done in terms of trying to have more intelligence networks and collaboration with the countries in the region, as well as some other countries, to try to have the necessary information available to tackle the situation. Also, the effectiveness of how they run the security machine has to be looked at very carefully.,Prior to the vote, Swedish Ambassador Olof Skoog, a co-drafter of the resolution along with Kuwait, called it a “resolute and urgent attempt to take action,” saying he counted “on each and every one of you to do the right thing,” adding the humanitarian convoys “are ready to go.”,And also the people need to have confidence in the efforts of the international community and the Afghan Government, which means what the Government is delivering for the people in terms of services and job creation, and what the international community is trying to do in terms of, for instance, the Brussels meeting of last year will have to bear fruit. The result and outcome must be understandable to the people. And rather than just plan for some development and the harnessing of the fruits of the commitments, promises down the road, we must focus more on what is possible in the next few months, what is achievable in the short term, so that the people of Afghanistan actually feel the benefits of the efforts of the international community and the Government.,calgary poker table stores.

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“I feel like an 'echter Wiener' [genuine Viennese],” he said.,calgary flames game online,“When an entire generation is robbed of its future, when hospital attacks have become the new normal, when sieges of entire cities and neighbourhoods have become a lasting reality for hundreds of thousands of people, the international community must take urgent and concrete action,” he told the members of the Council, who remain divided after nearly a week of consultations on a draft resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire in eastern Ghouta..

“Iraq draws its strength from its cultural and religious diversity, and its rich history. This treasure should be protected and nurtured by the Government and the people of Iraq,” Mr. Kubiš said.,“We hope that this expansion will result in equally effective measures with regard to the killing and maiming of children and sexual violence,” she added.,calgary poker table stores,Reporting that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had outlined three possible options for the UNMIL’s future: withdrawing and establishing a successor mission; maintaining the status quo; or continuing its drawdown..

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Through the statement, the UN chief condemned the attack in Nangahar and urged the Afghan Government and the Taliban “not to allow those who try to derail peace efforts to prevail.”,Other examples cited include supporting projects designed to grow local economies, or those that provide youth employment opportunities and vocational training, or which promote youth entrepreneurship and constructive political engagement.,The denouncement against such launches, including the use of ballistic missiles, came in a Press Statement issued late Wednesday by the Council, which said that the 25 March attacks ‘threatened civilian areas and resulted in at least one fatality.”.

betboo casino,The Security Council can remove UN sanctions once a conflict situation improves. UN sanctions have been lifted in different ways. In some cases, benchmarks contained in sanctions resolutions have been achieved; in others, peace processes have achieved the desired outcome.,The Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, concluded on Tuesday the Lebanon leg of his wider Middle East tour to visit UN missions, including the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), and high-ranking government officials in the region..

“Since I took office three years ago, I see the challenges rising, especially coming from xenophobia, intolerance and radicalization,” he added.,In a statement attributable to his spokesperson, Secretary-General António Guterres expressed that the use of chemical weapons, under any circumstances, is unjustifiable and abhorrent.,“There are currently zero stock levels for nearly half of the list of essential drugs and for a quarter of the list of essential [medical] disposables in Gaza,” Stéphane Dujarric, the spokesperson of the UN Secretary-General, said at a regular news briefing in New York..

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The Golan was captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war, and in 1974, a UN observer force was set up to monitor the ceasefire reached that year by Israel and Syria.,“The Oslo Convention… is a result of close cooperation and shared commitment in the international community to put an end to the serious impact and to free people from the danger of cluster bombs,” Mr. Sayasone said.,ICRC’s Middle East Director, Robert Mardini, said: “We are all in shock. Hanna was a young man, full of life and was widely known and liked. Noting can justify Hanna’s murder and we are in deep mourning for our friend and colleague.”.

calgary flames game online,According to the UN, tens of thousands of boys and girls are associated with armed forces and groups in conflicts in more than 20 countries around the world. In the most recent annual report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict, 56 of the 57 parties to conflict identified for grave violations against children are named because they are recruiting and using child soldiers.,In some cases, the Council decides to also identify the individuals or entities that are subject to these ‘targeted’ sanctions measures. In other cases, the relevant Sanctions Committee, established as part of a sanctions resolution, will do so..

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Ellen Margrethe Løj: Well, I’ll leave him to use that word. What I would say is, South Sudan has 64 ethnic groups, and it is right that recently, the talk and appeals for hatred among ethnic groups has increased. But I think it’s crucial that both the South Sudanese leaders, but also with the support of the international community, try to quell that before it gets out of control. That is why I am a very strong supporter of increased nation-building activities, at the community level. As I say to South Sudanese whenever there has been a rift between ethnic groups, I tell them, I don’t understand it; they fought and fought, and suffered to get independence. I thought it was for once independent South Sudan, where all ethnic groups would live in peace.,calgary flames game online,Despite the deadlock in the Security Council, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) – the body which investigates allegations of such attacks – said yesterday that it would shortly send a team to Syria to “establish the facts” surrounding the incident..

“Let us take every opportunity, starting with the first-ever UN Conference of Heads of Counter-Terrorism Agencies later this month, to build and strengthen our partnership and cooperation at the global, regional and local level,” she said.,VIDEO: Secretary-General António Guterres urges all parties to forge a political solution to the country's long-standing conflict. Credit: UN News,calgary poker table stores,“The infrastructure of schools have been physically destroyed by armed actors, and students and educational personnel have been attacked, threatened or intimidated,” the report states..

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“I call on the Democratic Republic of the Congo to take all the necessary legal measures to put an end to these repetitive attacks,” added.,calgary poker table stores,The new Prime Minister is no stranger to the job, having led the country for much of the 1980s and 1990s, and at 92 he has become the world’s oldest elected leader.,Further, previously dysfunctional public institutions now have the capacity to respond to the needs of our citizens through decentralized county service centers with ownership by strong local governments. “And from the tragedy of the health crisis, we are strengthening our healthcare systems, prioritizing prevention and delivering capacity at the community level,” said Ms. Johnson Sirleaf, underscoring that Liberia has enjoyed the benefit of multilateralism through full support provided by the UN, the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)..

The Committee considers that the status of Jerusalem must be settled through negotiations that take account of the political and religious concerns of all sides.,“The Secretary-General is encouraged that the Government is working with the OAS on electoral issues as well as with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on the establishment of a Group of International Independent Experts to investigate the recent violence and expresses his solidarity with the people of Nicaragua,” said UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric in a statement issued on Wednesday.,“Resolution 181 was subsequently cited in the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, marking the beginning of a relationship between Israel and the United Nations that has endured and deepened, even during challenging times,” Mr. Guterres said.,calgary flames game online.

“[Mr. Guterres] extends his condolences to the families of the victims and wishes those injured a speedy recovery,” said a statement from a UN spokesman, which said the Secretary-General calls for the perpetrators of the attack to be brought to justice.,round poker table,Council members also reaffirmed their “strong commitment to the sovereignty, political independence, territorial integrity, and unity of Myanmar”.,The number of acutely malnourished children is likely to “increase fourfold” since the previous assessment conducted last October, including 110,000 in severe condition whose growth and development will suffer “irreversible damage”, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said in a joint statement. .

Of grave concern are 23 ‘hunger hotspots’ which over the next four months are expected to face an acute level of food insecurity due to the combined economic repercussions of COVID-19, the climate crisis and fighting. ,International humanitarian law explicitly forbids any attacks targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure, and requires all warring sides to allow, respect and protect the work of humanitarian actors, in alleviating human suffering.,Her visit focused mainly on discussing the milestones, or benchmarks, that will make it possible to measure the gradual assumption of responsibilities by the Haitian authorities of those critical rule-of-law issues, to allow the Security Council to withdraw the peacekeeping presence all together by Spring 2020.,calgary poker table stores.

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governance, and ready to take over our traditional role among the champions of human rights,Mr. Guterres also reiterated the UN’s availability to support the two Governments in the areas deemed necessary.,The CPA, signed by the Government and former rebels in January 2005, ended the long-running north-south civil war, but an impasse since then over the boundaries and status of Abyei has been one of the stumbling blocks to fully implementing the peace accord, as the area is contested by both sides..

betboo casino,“As I did yesterday, I stress the need to avoid the situation from spiraling out of control," he continued, referring to a meeting held on Friday, one of five times the Council met this week to take up the question of Syria.,“If we see a Ghouta scenario in Idlib, this could be six times worse, affecting 2.3 million people,” Mr. de Mistura said..

The world body has long engaged in efforts to bring peace and stability to Sudan, which has been marked by decades of political instability and armed conflicts. Secretary-General Ban created the Special Envoy post following the independence of South Sudan from Sudan in July 2011, to assist the two countries – Sudan and South Sudan – reach a negotiated settlement to outstanding and post-secession issues.,“The Secretary-General welcomes the decision of the Government and the Election Commission to conduct the elections within the timeframe stipulated in the constitution,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said in a statement issued on Wednesday night.,“Haiti has come a long way to achieve the relative political and security stability it is now enjoying, but persistent economic uncertainties, which can result in social exclusion, particularly of youth and the most vulnerable, may undermine this progress,” said Mr. Lacroix..

Expressing concern about some actions which could deepen divisions in society, Mr. Yamamoto stressed that political leaders need to put the national interest above partisan agenda.,In a separate statement, Tadamichi Yamamoto, the top UN official in Afghanistan and head of the UN Assistance Mission there known as UNAMA, commended the Government and the Taliban for honoring the ceasefires.,Mr. Lajčák, however, added that their roles can also be negative. In some cases they can be politicized; widen divisions, stoke fears and tensions; and they can abuse their positions, to target and persecute one group or one community..

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“Since the high-level meeting on Libya which took place on the margins of the General Assembly on 2 October, [the UN Support Mission in Libya, UNSMIL] convened what should have been a final round of talks in Skhirat, Morocco to facilitate Libyan deliberations on the composition of the Presidency Council that would lead the country’s future Government of National Accord,” Bernardino León, the Head of UNSMIL, told the Security Council.,The continent is also blessed with resources that could make it a leader in clean energy, he added, and the sector could generate more than six million jobs by mid-century.  Yet Africa has received just two percent of global investment in renewables over the past decade. ,The UN had originally estimated that it would take a year to stabilize Mogadishu and in light of the rapidness of recent developments it is now actively planning to expand its presence beyond the ‘light footprint’ it had envisaged..

betboo casino,In a live televised address, he did not claim that Iran was in violation of the terms of the deal, but described its so-called “sunset provisions” – which lift restrictions on the country’s ability to enrich uranium within 10 to 15 years – as “totally unacceptable”.,The challenge, he said, is to garner strong and inclusive leadership, as well as meaningful commitment and cooperation, from the people who have the power and influence to make a difference..

“He congratulates Mr. Julius Maada Bio on his election as the next President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and all the candidates for their contributions to the successful outcome of the electoral process,” said Stéphane Dujarric.,Boko Haram, an Islamist militant organization based in north-east Nigeria, has carried out raids, suicide bombings and kidnappings across the Lake Chad region over the past decade.,Noting that communities in West Darfur have difficulties to manage water facilities, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and UNICEF, along with partners, is beefing up trainings on veterinary services and water management, said the report..

In that regard the Assembly also called upon all States to refrain from the establishment of diplomatic missions in the Holy City of Jerusalem, pursuant to Security Council resolution 478 adopted in 1980.,In his new book, Robert Serry offers an insider’s perspective on conflict management and peace efforts during the three most recent peace initiatives and three wars in Gaza. He shares his reflections on walking the tight rope of diplomacy between Israel and Palestine, his analysis of what has gone wrong and why a “one-state reality” may be around the corner.,Mr. Mahiga reiterated the UN’s call for all insurgents still fighting to lay down their arms and join the peace process, while pledging that the world body and the entire international community will stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with the country..

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